In the Press

1910  November 8.  “Art Students Win Prizes,” The Philadelphia Inquirer

1916 January 1. “Eclectics at Folsom Gallery,” American Art News

1918 February 9. “Eclectics at the Folsom Galleries,” American Art News

1918 March 23. James Britton, “A Wartime Academy (By the Second Viewer),” American Art News

1919 February. W. H. de B. Nelson, “Theresa F. Bernstein,” The International Studio

1919  November 2. Frederick James Gregg, “Theresa Bernstein a Realist in the Old Sense of the Word,” New York Herald.

1922 May 22. “Modern Artists Exhibit,” The New York Times

1930  April 26. “Theresa Bernstein: Grand Central Galleries,” The Art News

1991 February 17. “A Painter Wins a New Lease on Fame,” The New York Times

1998  February 27. “Joan Whalen Hosts Theresa Bernstein Retrospective,” Antiques and The Arts Weekly

1998  March 27. “Theresa Bernstein Celebrated,” Antiques and The Arts Weekly

1998  September 9. Sally Jacobs, “Still Painting After All These Years,” The Boston Globe

1999  April 9. “Oldest Living American Artist Marks 109th Year at Whalen Fine Art,” Antiques and The Arts Weekly

2002  February 14. “Paid Notice: Deaths BERNSTEIN, MEYEROWITZ THERESA,” New York Times

2002  February 16. Douglas Martin, “Theresa Bernstein, an Ash Can School Artist, Dies at 111,” New York Times

More to come!