Bernstein’s Writings & Publications

NYC Poem

“To New York,” undated poem by Theresa Bernstein

1933  Bernstein, Theresa. “American Color Print Exhibition,“ The Brooklyn Museum Quarterly (April 1933): 24-29.

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1941 “New England Harbor: A Colored Etching by William Meyerowitz,” Christian Science Monitor.

1941, circa, “Lighthouse off Cape Ann, Massachusetts: A Color Etching by William Meyerowitz,” Christian Science Monitor.

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1973 “The 350th Anniversary of Gloucester, 1623-1973,” Gloucester, Massachusetts.

1984 Recollection of William Merritt Chase in Etchings and Paintings: William Meyerowitz/Theresa Bernstein, Paterson Public Library, Paterson, New Jersey.

1984 “Concerning the Process of Etching,” August 24, 1984, unpublished ms.

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1992 Meyerowitz, Theresa Bernstein. The Sketchbook, is published privately with the assistance of her friends.

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1996 June 4, “The Review,” unpublished ms.

2000 Meyerowitz, Theresa Bernstein. Rabbitville (Lunenburg, Vt: Sinehour Press), published by her friends with her drawings and stories.

n.d. “New York,” unpublished poem. Theresa Bernstein and William Meyerowitz Foundation