This site could not have happened without the support, expertise, and resources of many individuals. I would like to express my sincerest gratitude for all their contributions. – Elsie Heung

Faculty Advisor:
Gail Levin, Distinguished Professor

From CUNY New Media Lab, which funded and hosts this online project:
Andrea Ades Vasquez, Managing Director
Aaron Knoll, former webmaster at the NML
Marco Battistella, Web Developer

From the CUNY Graduate Center:
Tanya Domi, Director, Media Relations
Rachel Ramirez, Writer/Editor, Office of Communications and Marketing
Kimberly Miu, Web Content Manager, Office of Communications and Marketing
Linda Merians, former Vice President for Institutional Advancement & Executive Director of the Graduate Center Foundation

Participants in the Theresa Bernstein seminar at the Graduate Center in Fall 2010:
Sarah Archino
Diana Fischman
Stephanie Hackett
Gillian Pistell
Lindsay Smilow

Students in Gail Levin’s Theresa Bernstein class (Fall 2013) at Baruch College:
Brandon Stryker

Consulting Scholars:
Dr. Michele Cohen
Dr. Patricia Burnham

Curatorial Intern:
Benedict P. Duffy

Organizations & Institutions:
Theresa Bernstein and William Meyerowitz Foundation
The Archives of American Art

The many individuals who shared their resources and/or memories of Theresa Bernstein:
Jackie & J. J. Bell
Keith Carlson
Helene Cohen
Diane M. Dawson
Elaine Dine
Paul Famolari
Nancy Farrell
Jim Fish
Girard (Jerry) Jackson
Wilber James
Sandy Lepore
Walter J. Manninen
Sara Marks
Francis Naummann
Pamlyn Smith
Ellen Sragow
Martin and Edith Stein
Joan Whalen