Remembering Theresa: Barbara Lepidus Carlson

Barbara Lepidus Carlson

Great-Niece in Law

Keith Carlson, Theresa Bernstein, Barbara Lepidus Carlson, and Ken Carlson

Keith Carlson, Theresa Bernstein, Barbara Lepidus Carlson, and Ken Carlson

I met Theresa about a year after I met Ken (now my husband of nearly 30 years). This must have been 1981, when Ken and I were B.U. undergrads. She was recently widowed (I never got to meet Uncle Billy), and we took the train up to Gloucester. She was already in her 90s by then, and I thought it funny that she “under-reported” her age. Who knew she would not only live to attend our wedding in 1984, but also get to live to see our two children born (1988 and 1991) and even know them as older children.

Some specific memories:

  • Theresa would spontaneously break into poetry, with hands clasped together in recitation pose.
  • Theresa would often say, “Am I right?” after saying something.
  • She liked affectionately calling people “Schnooky.”
  • Theresa had a phenomenal ability to memorize addresses and phone numbers (better than anyone I’ve ever known at any age).
  • She was always pushing us to have kids, and then to have more kids!
  • She also often encouraged us to visit Israel.
  • We would take leisurely walks, arm in arm, along Mt. Pleasant Ave. in Gloucester.
  • I always loved her Willie Nelson-style braids and stylish hats.
  • She had a lovely giggle.
  • In her latest years, she would suddenly ask for a pad of paper and a ball point pen when she felt the urge to sketch something.

She loved going to Folly Cove for lobster, and always had a good appetite (and a sweet tooth).


Ken and Barbara Carlson’s Family Photos

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